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Whipping Shit Into Liquid, Slimy Mess and Natalia Kapretti 2020 [FullHD 1920x1080] [11.2 GB]

Whipping Shit Into Liquid, Slimy Mess and Natalia Kapretti 2020 [FullHD 1920x1080] [11.2 GB]

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Natalia Kapretti - Whipping Shit Into Liquid, Slimy Mess

I love fisting, I love fisting with shit in slaves ass. Hard fucking fist in the ass of slave is such pleasure. Shit oozes through my fingers, it's so sticky, slippery, and smells so good. When I put my hand in the slave's ass, the shit covers my hand, bursts his ass and I feel every cell of the slave inside. I increase the pace, fisting faster and harder, whipping the shit in his ass into liquid, slimy mess, it's delight. In addition, fisting is the best prevention for maintaining male sexual strength. I take care of the health of my slaves and get indescribable pleasure

Natalia Kapretti - Slave Is Vocation, Toilet Slave Is Destiny

My friend Lyudmila is very strict Mistress. She is very jealous of her urine and shit. For a slave, this is a gift to eat and drink from the body of the Mistress, and if he can not or drops, he will be severely flogged. She pisses profusely and the slave has to drink everything. Her ass opens up, smelling of shit fills the air and the slave must lie with his mouth open and catch every bite. After all, slave is a vocation, or toilet slave is a destiny.1.She is Hot and depraved, strict Mistress My friend Lyudmila has prepared a delicious drink for you. She is hot and depraved, strict Mistress. But tonight she'll give you her nectar. She says in her mesmerizing voice, "drink my pee, bitch, my slave" 2. Shit is waiting for you for dinner slaveShit of my slutty girlfriend is waiting for you for dinner, slave. She made you her delicious chocolate. Enjoy it, today she decided to pamper you, feed directly from her ass. So go lie down and eat it

Natalia Kapretti - I'll Stuff Every Shit Into Your Toiletmouth

See, this is the whip I'm going to use flog you. And this. the shit I'll feed you every day when you're at my feet. See how big pile it is, but I'll stuff every last bit of into your toilet mouth. And you will eat it, swallow without stopping, it will be your constant food, every day. After all, you want to do this, want serve me and give me pleasure, be my toilet and eat all my shit

Natalia Kapretti - Small Twirly Bitch Likes Be Depraved Slut

Small, twirly bitch, likes pose, lift her legs, and shit, showing off her holes. No matter how long our separation is, she still runs to me, because she feels, with me she is revealed, all her secret fantasies and desires are realized, she becomes dirty and depraved slut 1. My shit-eater, dumpster, and ashtray My slave girl serves me as I please. She's my toilet, my dumpster, my ashtray. Everything is fun for her, she likes to be dirty girl, likes obey. She's my shit-eater. Taste of my shit is joy to her. Open your mouth wide my toilet, I've got some fresh shit for you 2. So cute shits and pisses upside down My pretty slave girl is sprawled out on the couch, pushing shit, trying take a shit. Fountain of yellow urine spurts from her pussy, and she again pushes, puffs, but smiles. She likes to pose, likes shit in bed, on the couch, and in the middle of the room. The shit is bubbling and seeping out of the ass, it's so cute. Any toilet slave would be happy now to fall on his knees and eat her shit, lap up her piss. And you, do you want to?

Natalia Kapretti - Every Morning I'm Fisting Husband With Shit

Every day I'm fisting slave-husband in his big ass. Most of all, I like fisting with shit instead of lube, it's so exciting. Smell of shit wafts through in the air. Shit slurps under my hand, slides between my fingers, and I enjoy every moment. I can't stop myself from getting covered in shit. Look slave, I'm covered in shit. I masturbate, enjoy the feeling of filth, and cum, jet, time after time. How nice, now I'll be walking around dirty in shit all day and smell of shit will envelop me. It's just a buzz

Natalia Kapretti - Great Fuck And Fisting Slave Early Morning

How wonderful to fuck husband in the ass early in the morning. My favorite huge strap-on plunges deep into his ass, spreads, expands everything inside him. Lie still, bear it while I fuck you in the ass and get pleasure. Now let's turn your ass inside out. Let's fisting you, in thrust fist in your ass. Your ass looks like a pussy, it's like a rag, turned inside out and hanging out, I like it so much. And to torment you even more, I will give you a Blowjob at the same time as the fisting. This is a double pleasure for me. It is so nice to see, to feel, to be aware of your power, your power.1. I'll fuck you shitty ass faggot my foot Come here slave, get on one knees, now I'll fuck you in the ass. I'll fuck you in the ass today, not with my hand but with my foot. Bend over, Oh Yes. How nice, I feel, your ass is full of shit. It wraps around my foot, oozing through my fingers. So hot, so slippery, so slimy. I'll always use shit instead of lube now. And this smell, this beautiful stench. Oh, how I like it. Don't deviate, get your ass closer to me! I want to go deeper, bear all. Your ass is mine and I will fuck you with whatever I want and how I want

Natalia Kapretti - Dirty Sex Fisting Blowjob Love It

Dirty sex, dirty fisting, dirty blowjob, I love and love it. Any actions with shit and in shit for me is an extravaganza of feelings, emotions and desire. And I have trained my slave girl Maya to do this, and she understands me now with half a word. We're having fun, enjoying shit, in shit, and with shit 1. I'm covered in shit doing dirty minet Today I am very dirty scat Mistress, today I want shit and to play. What bliss to get all thirty-three pleasures in the morning. I fuck fists in the ass slave husband, knead shit in his ass, smearing this smelly, fragrant shit on my body and suck the penis, milking it dry. I enjoyed every second, I was so excited that my pussy was on fire and I jerked off and cum, pissing on the slave. By the end, I was exhausted and completely satisfied 2. Enjoying smoking, washing shit from our bodies How fun and pleasant to smeared in shit, do dirty copro sex. My slave girl and I had good game, had sex, and finished off in the morning. In high spirits, laughing and having fun, we got out of bed and decided to spend more time in the shit and enjoy smoke together. What bliss it is. We lit cigarettes and the smell of tobacco mixed with the smell of shit in the air. My slave girl is still not moved away from the impressions of dirty sex and praised: "What delicious shit" Yes, it was wonderful dirty start the day. But unfortunately it's time go to wash, the day's business not wait, and we took turns washing shit from our bodies. My beautiful toilet slave girl Maya was the first get into the bathroom. She ruefully washed shit off her slender body. Streams of dirty water mixed with shit ran to the bottom of tub. After her, I went wash and washes the fragrant sticky shit remembering morning scat sex, got excited again. We should start morning like this more often

Natalia Kapretti - We Cover In Shit, Perfect, Im Glad

How I love shit, I love its smell, its soft consistency. I like to play and smear in shit. And I like to have dirty shitty sex. My slave girl is always ready to satisfy her Mistress. I raised her and made her toilet whore. Now she loves my shit, loves when I shitting on her body and cover her with shit from head to toe. This excites me so much that sometimes I think I'm going to start cuming without touching myself. 1. Dirty sex in shit, we covered in it Sex, sex, dirty, dirty sex, sex in shit. I love having sex with my slave girls. I love fucking them, I love caressing them, and I love shitting on them. The smell of shit during sex, its soft, sticky consistency in the hands, on the body, it is so exciting, so much turns on. Sometimes I think that during dirty sex in the shit, I will explode without touching myself, end up with such a violent orgasm and fall down without strength. I like to drive my slave girls into a frenzy during dirty sex. I love when they are excited to the point that they stop controlling themselves, open up and are ready to perform anything just I to let them cum. At such moments, I feel a real power over them, because there is nothing better than complete openness during dirty sex, when the shit covers our bodies and the slave girl herself seeks to take the shit in her mouth, lick it from my fingers, from my chest, from me. 2. Shitty spa, so dirty we're Today, my slave girl waiting for surprise in the morning, shit Spa, for youth and smoothness skin. Huge pile of shit came out of my ass and landed on her breasts. Ah, what a smell of shit immediately enveloped us, how soft shit is warm to the touch. It is so nice to smear on the body, it is so easy and thick to lay down. This is so exciting, this is real bliss. My toilet slut and I masturbated, cums, screams with pleasure, we all covered in shit. Getting covered in shit and masturbating is the most wonderful thing to do in the morning

Natalia Kapretti - Suck Cock Fisting In Shit Do Dirty Minet

For some time, my toilet bitch loves suck. She with such pleasure and joy falls to the penis, as if it is a lollipop. I can't deny her this pleasure. Women should not be denied anything at all. I hung the slave and gave full freedom to her playful mouth and tongue. And I'll take care of the slave ass. And again, this asshole didn't wash his ass. So, I'll sweeten slave cock, smear it with shit. Here is and have a lollipop in smelly chocolate-shit glaze. Suck my cocksucker, lick the shit. My hand goes deep into slave fucking ass. Turn your face to me slave girl, I want to make you shit mask on your face. You're a real cocksucker. A slave can't stand your sucking skills for long. Catch the cum, bitch, swallow it with shit. Now, let's practice to do fisting. Lubrication is not needed, the shit will replace lubricant. Put your hand in his ass, deeper, stronger, more intense. Yeah, shit falls out of his ass in chunks. I see a happy smile on your face bitch, you like it. As a reward, lick his dirty, shitty ass. Enjoy your licking, my toilet slut.

Time: 02:37:53
Quality: FullHD 1920x1080
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 11.2 GB

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